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DevOps and Overall Operational Security

6. DevOps and Overall Operational Security

DevOps is the Collaboration between Development, Operations and Testing throughout all stages of the Product Development Lifecycle when creating and operating a Product or a Service.DevOps' success is driven by the use of Agile Methodology, Integration and Eco-Leveraging with Cloud Infrastructure, Data Centers and increased focus on Quality Assurance and Automation Testing

Organization that practice DevOps benefit from:

1.    Better Product Quality
2.    Improved Productivity
3.    Shorter Time-to-Market
4.    More Secure and Reliable Releases
5.    Developing Right Products

SecDevOps - DevOps combined with security Safeguards:

Development with designed-in Security and Audits in mind, from the prototype stage, will help improve the delivery of a secure and reliable product and/or service that is sustainable and operates efficiently.  

SecDevOps should define and apply metrics for Quality, Reliability and User Experience.

In the past, Development builds the product, Operation runs and maintains it and Security keeps the Product and Network safe. Today, with the growth of Global Digital Technology and Cybersecurity Threats, the winners are the Organizations that define, apply and support SecDevOps, a designed Security and Agile Development with collaboration between departments to make it well integrated and reliable.