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Disaster Recovery and Business Sustainability

5. Disaster Recovery and Business Sustainability

A Disaster Recovery (DR) is a Set of Policies and Procedures defined and implemented that an Organization puts in place to recover and protect a Business' Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure in the event of a disaster. The disaster could be Natural (i.e: Earthquake) or caused by a human intentionally (i.e: Hacker) or unintentionally (i.e: Deleting files/data)

Business Sustainability is associated with the recovery of its Information Technology Infrastructure such as data, assets, and network facilities.

Organizations with careful planning can minimize the impact of the disaster. The main goal is to minimize downtime and data loss.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery and Business Sustainability plans are:

1. Provide Information Technology Infrastructure Security
2. Minimize risk of delays in operation
3. Provide reliability for Information Integrity
4. Provide plans for Systems Recovery
5. Implement the Recovery/Back Up Plans that are pre-defined and pre-tested
6. Minimize Legal Liabilities by following the policies per regulations and standards
7. Provide Secure Work Environment